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Lunchtime Event Series - Fall 2015

To enhance the LLAIC learning experience, a number of presentations with stimulating speakers will take place during lunchtime (11:30 - 12:30) in  Fall 2015.  Other mid-day events may include discussion of TED talks or of Current Events by prominent LLAIC Course Leaders such as Mary Mansfield and Harriet Janel-Starrett.

Events will be posted here as soon as they are scheduled.

Your unique ideas are eagerly solicited and welcomed.

The lunchtime speaker program is detailed below; to download or view click here.

Mondays, 11:30 - 12:30, at Temple Beth Elohim

Oct. 19
Burt Jaffee "What's so 'smart' about the Smart Grid?"

Oct. 26
Mary Mansfield
Leading a discussion on a TED talk entitled "How Economic Inequalities Harm  Societies" by Richard Wilkinson, Public Health Researcher and Professor Emeritus of Social Epidemiology at the University of Nottingham, author and advocate.

Nov. 2
Harriet Janel-Starrett
Leading a discussion on Current Events
Nov. 9
Harriet Janel-Starrett Leading a discussion on Current Events
Nov. 16
Peter Schmidt
"Lulu" - An introduction to the New York Met HD broadcast of the Alban Berg opera on Saturday, November 21.

Peter Schmidt is presently leading a LLAIC course titled "Three Masterpieces" which includes "Lulu" in drama, film and opera.

Nov. 23
Judy Black
Family Albums:  Physical Memories

Judith Black is Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts from Wellesley College, where she taught photography.   Judy has her work in several museums, including the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and continues to take the kind of pictures on which her reputation is based:  family photos.  When she was a young mother with 4 children, she got her MFA from MIT and, often house-bound, she "practiced" her subject at home.

For a more detailed bio and and examples of her work, see the website
Dec. 7

Harriet Janel-StarrettLeading a discussion on Current Events
Dec. 14
Trad Jazz Jammers
Back by popular demand. This is a toe-tapping musical group who play together because they love music. You will leave humming a tune.

Tuesdays, 11:30 - 12:30, at Temple Shir Tikva

Oct. 6
MaryAnn Byrnes
Differences between "To Kill A Mockingbird" and "To Set A Watchman"

Oct. 13
Phil Radoff
"Otello" at the MET. 
The opera "Otello" will be performed live from MET in HD on Saturday, October 17

Oct. 20
Batia Shems
"Growing up Jewish in a Muslim Country"

Oct. 27
Marshall Carter
Founding Director of Education, WWII Museum, Natick, MA

Marshall will bring to his appearance with our Lifelong Learner’s group his enthusiasm for the subject.  He knows that terrible war personally impacted every one of us, and his description of the artifacts and papers will put us in touch again with that “global narrative.” It must be remembered.

Click here for introduction and flyer for Nov. 11 "Let's Go" visit.

Nov. 3
Alorie Parkhill
"Why Can't a Woman be More Like a Man"

Dec. 1
Trad Jazz Jammers
Back by popular demand. This is a toe-tapping musical group who play together because they love music. You will leave humming a tune.
Dec. 8
Jan Schreiber
Poetry Reading and Discussion

Jan will read some poems and answer questions members may have about writing and the current literary scene.

Jan Schreiber, the Poet Laureate of Brookline, is the author of four books of poetry, including Peccadilloes (2013).  As a literary critic, he also writes in the on-line publication, Contemporary Poetry Review. For much of his professional life, he was a social science researcher and software entrepreneur.

Thursdays, 11:30 - 12:30, at Temple Beth Elohim

Oct. 8
Jeff Becker, D.M.D
“Oral Cancer in Seniors”
Helpful knowledge for its prevention and detection, plus an open discussion on better dental health

Oct. 15
Larry Lowenthal Professor Larry Rosenthal of Northeastern University will give a presentation on "Landscapes of the Middle East"

Oct. 22
Bob Ricles
Medicare 101

Oct. 29
Open No program

Nov. 5
Bill Connors "Sam Adams: Hero, terrorist or just a fine maker of beer?"

Join us for a discussion of Boston's own Samuel Adams and learn more about his contribution to American Independence. Many in Massachusetts considered Adams to be a dangerous and violent radical and denounced him as a mob-leading demagogue. His fiery orations resulted in Adams becoming known as America's first modern politician. But learn why Thomas Jefferson referred to Samuel Adams as 'Truly the man of the Revolution”. In keeping with his contentious democratic spirit, audience discussion is highly encouraged. And what's the deal with the beer???

Bill currently lives in Needham, loves American History, and is an active Boston By Foot tour guide .

Nov. 12
Peter Schmidt
"The Physics of Baseball"

The pitcher throws, the batter swings, there’s a long fly ball…
Take your appreciation of the old ball game to another level with a look at its physics such as the spinning ball and bat meeting ball.

Dec. 3
The speaker, Noa Rensing, unfortunately had to cancel the talk on Robotics.

Dec. 10
Thomas Moses
Our speaker for Thursday, Dec 10, is Tom Moses, President of Spill Center, Inc, a North American leader in 24/7 spill support and environmental claims management for clients involved in environmental spills requiring cleanup.  You’ve read about the messes caused by spills and other threats to the environment when dangerous materials threaten short and long term damage. Tom’s firm helps companies quickly find qualified cleanup contractors and complete all required incident reports to avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance with environmental regulations.
He holds a law degree and a certificate in hazardous materials control and emergency response, and has served as a U.S. EPA toxicologist. Mr. Moses is considered a leading authority on environmental regulations and compliance issues in the chemical transportation industry. He served as a member of the U.S. DOT F5800.1 Form Revision Task Force and as a member of the Colorado Task Force to draft model legislation on reimbursement of emergency response agencies. His expertise includes chemical security; environmental/safety regulatory compliance; crisis response management; and environmental claims resolution, negotiation and settlement.
He will start his talk Thursday by discussing environmental liability, then go on from there to get into case studies, industry actions, activism, and international cooperation.
He is an experienced speaker and has addressed such groups as the Inland Spills Conference, sponsored by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the Spill Control Association of America, the Chemical Week Transportation and Distribution Conference, Cooperative Hazardous Materials Enforcement Development Program Training Conference of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, U.S. Transportation and Border Security Homeland Defense Training Conference, the National Tank Truck Carriers Conference and others.

Mid-day Event Archive: To view mid-day events of past semesters, click here.

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