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LUNCH@LLAIC - Spring 2018

Spring 2018: 
To enhance the LLAIC learning experience, a number of presentations by stimulating speakers, and lively current events discussions, will take place on during lunchtime
at our host site, Temple Shir Tikva (TST), 141 Boston Post Road, Wayland, MA 01778 (Route 20).  These will be given at 1:10 - 2:10 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

There may also be occasional special Monday and Friday morning programs as well. 

Your unique ideas are always eagerly solicited and welcomed.

Presentation days and times:  to view the dates and speakers, see below
(when available).
Click on the day/time just below to go to information for presentations on each of the three days. If not shown here then you'll find it in the Quill for that week.

Tuesdays, 1:10 - 2:10   Speaker Series

Wednesdays, 1:10 - 1:55  Current Events discussions led by Harriet Starrett

Thursdays, 1:10 - 2:10   Speaker Series

For information, contact Lunch@LLAIC  (Bonnie Lass)

Tuesdays, 1:10 - 2:10

Feb. 27 LLAIC
Start of Classes Welcome Program
March 6
Marguerite Dorn
"Pros and Cons of Impeachment"

What is the case for impeachment? What do we mean when we talk about impeachment? What is the difference between the Mueller's criminal investigation and the calls for impeachment at the House? 

For biography, click here.
March 13
Dr. Anita Hoffer
"Celebrating Sexuality As We Age: Moving Towards a New Concept of Sexuality and Sexual Success for Adults in Mid- and Later Life"

Dr. Anita Hoffer explores the theme of healthy sexuality in mid- and later life and examines what gets in the way of our ability to embrace, celebrate and experience our sexuality as a means of authentic self-expression.

For details and biography, click here.
March 20
Susan Blumenfeld
Sages & Seekers

Looking for Seniors to Share Their Personal History: Sages & Seekers is a 7-week Intergenerational Program at the Rivers School in Weston. The goal of the program is to pair a Senior with a teen with whom you will meet once a week to share your life experiences. Seniors' maturity and experience allows for a larger perspective of life from which younger generations can learn.  Classes start the first week of April.
For more information contact Susan Blumenfeld at 508-277-0669

March 27
Dan Trajman
"The Startup Nation S Curve": innovative and entrepreneurial businesses and the Israel - New England connections

Dan Trajman, is President and CEO of NEIBC (New England-Israel Business Council), a not-for-profit organization with the mission to promote and facilitate strong business relations between New England and Israel. Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, Dan completed his IDF military service in the Combat Engineering Unit, then studied Architecture and City Planning at the Israel Institute of Technology, with a graduate degree in Urban Design from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. After starting his career in Architecture, Dan later moved to roles as an executive in High Tech in Massachusetts and then co-founded a venture capital firm investing primarily in Israeli start-ups. In recent years, in addition to his role at NEIBC, Dan has focused on his passions as a conceptual artist, exhibiting in several solo and group shows.

April 10
Gerry Rovner
Immigration 101

In his talk, Gerry will first identify the roles of the Dept of Homeland Security, the Attorney General, the Dept of State and the Dept of Labor. He will then explain the different legal immigration categories: family-based immigration, employment-based, refugees, asylum, the visa lottery, etc. And finally he will touch on issues currently in the news, such as DACA, temporary protected status, the “wall,” and any other current news items.

Gerald C. Rovner has extensive and wide-ranging expertise in the practice of immigration and nationality law. A graduate of Rutgers University Law School, Gerry has spent his career providing representation and advice to a wide range of clients concerning immigrant and non-immigrant visas in business, student and family related matters. He is a Past Chair of the New England Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), a Past Chair of the Immigration Section Council, a Past Chair of the Legal Fee Arbitration Board of the Mass Bar Association, a Life Fellow of the Mass Bar Foundation, and served as a member of the Massachusetts Governor’s Advisory Council on Immigrants and Refugees, He has frequently lectured on immigration law for the Mass Bar Association and local organizations as well as AILA.  In 2000, he was awarded the President’s Citation by AILA. This past August, Gerry delivered the keynote address at the Naturalization Ceremony held in Faneuil Hall, Boston

He is the current Vice Chair of the Needham Area Immigration Justice Task Force and the Chair of the Temple Aliyah Immigration Committee. He resides in Needham, MA with his wife Miriam.

April 17
Sandy Grasfield and Dana Kaplan, and Bonnie Lass
Looking Ahead at LLAIC Fall 2018: Two Course Previews

Sandy Grasfield & Dana Kaplan
Sandy and Dana met at BOLLI, where they discovered many shared interests and a new friendship.  They began their successful Course Leader collaboration at LLAIC, presenting two successful courses focused on mystery novels and a monthly summer book group called “Food and Memories.”.  Now the two are exploring a new area with their upcoming course, “Robber Barons or Captains of Industry: Portraits from the Gilded Age.

In her thirty year professional career, Sandy was a middle school librarian and media specialist.  Dana had a varied career in business-to-business marketing and sales promotion as a writer and manager of creative teams.

Bonnie Lass
Bonnie has been a Course Leader at LLAIC since its first term.  She has taught “Contemporary Literary Memoir,” “The Blues: Origins and Influences,” “The New Yorker Fiction Roundtable,” and “Bobby Zimmerman: Nobel Laureate.”   This last course was only 5 weeks long, not sufficient to fully explore Dylan’s amazing career.  So the Fall 2018 course will be 10 weeks and titled “Bob Dylan’s Nine Lives.” 

To see the lyrics of Blowin' in the Wind, click here.

In her professional career, Bonnie was an elementary school teacher, a reading specialist, a teacher educator, and a writer/editor of educational materials.

April 24  
Allen Green
“My Days at the Copacabana—The Hottest Spot North of Havana”

Allen Green’s presentation will center around his representation as a young lawyer of the original Copacabana nightclub in Manhattan, immortalized by Barry Manilow in his song,
“Copacabana” (preceded years before by Groucho Marx and Carmen Miranda in a motion picture of the same name). He will talk about the rise and fall of this iconic American nightclub, featuring sex, violence, gangsters, sport stars and, above all, show business personalities.

Allen Green practiced law in New York for 50 years, where he specialized primarily in litigation as a member of the law firm Kalnick, Klee & Green in mid-Manhattan. He is a graduate of Columbia Law School and is a member of the New York City Bar Association, where he was an officer of the Committee on Hotels, Hospitality and Tourism. He moved to Sudbury, MA in 2014 to be near family.

May 1
Bob Berlin
"Climate Change Hits a Home Run"

We will first show a 25 minute film “Climate Change Just Hit Home” which covers the causes and impacts of our changing climate. We will use the remaining time to discuss the issues developed in the film, with emphasis on what is now happening, future trends, and how these effects can be mitigated.
Bob is a retired Environmental Engineer who worked in the energy and environmental fields for 50 years. He has managed major programs, and was President of a consulting engineering firm. He also taught Environmental Science at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and to industrial and public organizations.

May 8
Judith Liben
"The Color of Law in Massachusetts"

Judith Liben will describe some past and ongoing legal work done in our state by at the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, as she discusses the newly-published and celebrated book The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein (Liveright, 2017).
A quote from Amazon: “Masterful...The Rothstein book gathers meticulous research showing how governments at all levels long employed racially discriminatory policies to deny blacks the opportunity to live in neighborhoods with jobs, good schools and upward mobility.” Jared Bernstein, Washington Post.

For more about the book, here’s an excellent review from The New York Review of Books:

Judith Liben is the senior housing attorney at the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute in Boston. Judith’s current work includes challenging government housing practices that discriminate against racial and ethnic minorities or perpetuate segregation, working on anti- gentrification policies, ensuring rights for people with limited English proficiency in government- assisted housing programs, and working to ensure that people with criminal records or eviction records are not unfairly denied housing. Her proudest professional moment was testifying before the House Financial Services Committee in 2007 about the fate of tenants living in foreclosed property which led to a federal law giving these tenants some protections, and a much stronger state law.

May 15
Annual Business meeting; election of the slate of members nominated to the Board for three-year terms.

Wednesdays, 1:10 - 1:55

Feb. 28
Start of Classes Welcome Program
 All other Wednesdays
Harriet Starrett
Current Events discussions

Thursdays, 1:10 - 2:10

March 1
Start of Classes Welcome Program
March 8
Noa Rensing
"FIRST: Competitive robotics and the future of STEM education"

She will  give an overview of the FIRST organization and competitive high school robotics, talk about the history and structure of the Newton LigerBots (the robotics group), touch on their design and fabrication, and then discuss what this says about the future of STEM education.

For details and biography, click here.
March 15
Ellen Waldorf
"Divorce for Bystanders"

Divorce is a challenging time for spouses, their families and close friends.  This program will explain the mechanics of divorce and suggest ways that family and friends can support their loved ones going through this process.  Questions will be answered and resources provided.

Ellen Waldorf has mediated over 400 cases since 2001, primarily focused on divorce and other family issues.   Ellen has served as a trainer for Divorce Mediation Training Associates and Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education and spoken on a variety of topics to the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, the Academy of Professional Family Mediators and the Massachusetts Bar Association.  Ellen is a co-founder of Aging in Detail, an alliance of professionals serving seniors and their families, and Clergy Works Institute, an organization training clergy in mediation and negotiation skills.  Prior to mediating, Ellen worked for a private investor, practiced corporate law, clerked for a federal appellate court judge, taught English in China, and interned for “Late Night with David Letterman.”  Ellen is a graduate of Yale University and New York University School of Law.

March 22
Israel Bonan
The Forgotten Refugees”

A Jewish refugee from Egypt, Israel Bonan will focus on the historical context and present day realities of Jewish refugees from Arab countries in the Middle East. He will discuss how the issue has been brought to light and where it stands at this point. The Jews from Arab countries are refugees, who like so many others, have experienced and then transcended hardships, expulsion, and dispersion, succeeding in making a life for themselves and their families.

Israel Bonan was born in Cairo, Egypt in the mid 1940’s. He holds a BS & MS in Electrical Engineering and worked in the field of computer hardware design and management in companies such as Unisys, Prime, and Apollo Computers. He was also an owner and software consultant at Data Base Application Consulting, and an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and Math at Simmons College.

March 29
Phil Radoff
Così fan tutte

Phil Radoff, LLAIC's resident opera buff, will preview this Mozart masterpiece in advance of the Met in HD production which will be featured in local theaters on Saturday, March 31.

Phil Radoff is a retired lawyer with a lifelong interest in opera.  In addition to previewing several Met in HD productions, Phil most recently led a course in Don Giovanni at LLAIC.

April 12
Margalit Lai
"Death with Dignity"

Margalit Lai, a clinical nurse specialist for many years, has worked with people at the end of life in many different settings. That involved seeing patients dying peacefully, surrounded by their families, and patients who suffered incredibly. In November this year we will have a question on the ballot that will deal with death with dignity, and Margalit would like us all to be informed about it and vote.
Margalit retired in 2016 from her job heading a program for people with COPD. She started the program and ran it for 18 years. Prior to that she worked as an instructor in a nursing school, an intensive care nurse, a director of nursing in long term care and a visiting nurse.

April 19
Carole Levy
"That Embassy is going to be built Exactly Where?"

This talk will discuss a topic currently in the news: moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. We will look at the history and borders of Jerusalem, the city, and what moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem means in the context of the conflict.

Carole has been a member of LLAIC since its founding and has been active in the community leading courses on literature and history, serving on the curriculum committee and now a Board member. Her past professional experience includes many years of teaching high school English, both in the Boston and in Israel where she lived for thirteen years.

April 26
David Young
"The Social Media Landscape 2018"

Scientists are credited with inventing the internet.  Like many scientific innovations they didn’t ever think it would become the mainstream communications vehicle that now connects the entire world.  What has been deemed “social media” has evolved into what has become a conversation revolution.  Young high school students organizing a massive march in our nation’s capital to curb gun control… politicians, lawyers, lobbyists all connected to social media election scandals… celebrities no longer limited just to Hollywood… a skateboarder in central Park with more followers then George Clooney. 

This hour will explore the key social media vehicles – from what was originally their intended goal to where they are now 20 years later, an essential part of the human fabric of our society.
David Young has been working in media and public relations for over 25 years.  His experience ranges from United Parcel Service, politicians, The Massachusetts Film Bureau and Medtronic. 

May 3
Kathleen Precourt
First Annual LLAIC Storytellers Hour

Several members of the LLAIC Writers' Group will read selected pieces from the portfolios that they have been working on this semester. We hope you will enjoy listening to some of your talented colleagues as they share their stories and poems with you. You are encouraged to bring your own short work, no longer than 10 minutes, to read as time allows. Kathleen Precourt, founder and leader of the Writers' Group will MC the presentation.

May 10
LILAC Players
Thursday, May 10  1 p.m.
LLAIC Schmooze Room

Come and experience the wonders of theater as the ensemble performs these three short plays for you:
Going to Pieces
A Growing Problem
The Dinner Date

Two of the plays are by local playwrights, and one of the writers will be joining us on May 10.   Psst . . . and it's free!

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