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Lunchtime Event Series - Spring 2016

Spring 2016:  To enhance the LLAIC learning experience, a number of presentations with stimulating speakers will take place during lunchtime (1:15 - 2:15) on Mondays and Thursdays at Temple Beth Elohim.  Other mid-day events may include discussion of TED talks or of Current Events by prominent LLAIC Course Leaders such as Mary Mansfield and Harriet Janel-Starrett.

Events will be posted here as soon as they are scheduled.

Your unique ideas are eagerly solicited and welcomed.

Mondays, 1:15 - 2:15, at Temple Beth Elohim

Feb. 29
Program canceled due to funeral.

March 7

Welcome Program and Committee Fair.
Dessert will be served.
March 14
Connie Hertzberg Mayo
She will speak on her book, "The Island of Worthy Boys", which is set on Thomson Island in Boston Harbor.

Connie came to Massachusetts to get a Literature degree from Tufts University and never left.  She first learned about Thompson Island shortly after graduation and immediately knew it was a great setting for a work of fiction, but it took twenty years and the rise of the internet to make her feel like she could start researching and writing.  She works as a Systems Analyst and lives in southern Massachusetts with her husband, two children, two cats and her heirloom tomato garden.

March 28
Margot Holtzman
Demo of “Painter Essentials”, a “lite” version of “Painter” by Corel. You can push a button and your photo will magically turn into a painting, or you can spend hours artistically improving your photo. To  use this program, you do NOT need to be a painter of any kind but only have a desire to explore digital painting and enjoy the creativity of learning this exciting software program. It is easy to create art at any skill level. A LLAIC course on this program will be offered in the Fall, 2016 term.
April 4
Olive Darragh
& Wes Smith
Talk canceled due to weather conditions

"It's not just about talent. What the integration of the NFL can teach us about managing diversity in the workplace."

Wes Smith will also be showing parts of the film he executive-produced: "The Forgotten Four: the integration of pro football".
He is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania and  Washington University  School of Law.

Olive Darragh graduated from University of Edinburgh, Scotland and Harvard Business School and has had an extensive career with both McKinsey and Tudor Management (she was a partner at each). Recently she has launched her own strategy and talent management consulting firm, Darragh, Inc.

April 11
Ruth Baden
Ruth will be reading from her book of poems, East of the Moon, plus some poems slated to be published in her next book on women and aging.  She writes, and will read about love, death, and living; about growing up and growing old.  If we are lucky we will hear her Pavanne for a Dead Potato Latke

She will have copies of her book for autographing and signing.

Click here for a brief biography.

May 2
Neil Bernstein
The program will be humor and more specifically, joke telling. The topic for the joke telling is "old age humor" and we encourage everyone to tell at least one joke on the topic. It's really very easy. All you need to do is Google "old age humor" and you will gain access to thousands of jokes in that category. Pick what you feel to be the the best and be prepared to share it with everyone. Yes, reading the joke is certainly allowed. If everyone does his/her homework, we should have lots of laughs.

As some of you may recall, Bob Pill and I developed a course that we called "Laughter is the Best Medicine". We conducted that course six times at BOLLI, Regis, TBELLE and LLAIC.The course was a lot of fun and there was an average of 25 belly laughs each week.

Very sadly, my dear friend Bob died last month and I will miss him greatly. A few weeks before he passed, I mentioned that I had been asked to conduct this luncheon program on jokes. His smile in response lit up the room. So I dedicate this luncheon program in his memory and in his honor.

Neil is a graduate of MIT and his primary career was in the management of technology- based companies. He recently retired from his practice in financial planning and investment management. He previously led a BOLLI course entitled Baseball: It’s Far More Than Just a Game and co-led (with Harris Traiger) a BOLLI course on The Business of Sports. After a long recovery from the trauma caused by his bris, he ultimately developed a passion for all things humorous. 

May 9
Nancy Alimansky Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas - Colleagues and Competitors

Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas were friends for more than 40 years. Theirs was a challenging friendship, sometimes contentious, at other times mutually supportive.
The talk will include numerous slides of their work.

Nancy Alimansky has spent most of her professional life in the classroom. For 26 years she was an Associate Professor at Lesley University and taught courses in management and technology as well as studio art. For three years she was a docent at the Davis Museum at Wellesley College where she conducted tours for various exhibits. Nancy has a BA from Wellesley College where she majored in French, an MAT from Harvard Graduate School of Education and an MBA from Boston College. She has been a professional artist for more than 25 years.

May 16 LLAIC
Annual Meeting and Election of Board members

Tuesdays, 12:00 - 1:00, at Temple Shir Tikva.  A good time for socializing, with an occasional scheduled program.

March 1
Welcome Program and Committee Fair.
Dessert will be served.

May 17
LILAC Players
A staged performance of "Autumn Nocturne", an original one-act play written by Verne Vance and directed by Judie Strauss.

Thursdays, 1:15 - 2:15, at Temple Beth Elohim

March 3
Welcome Program and Committee Fair.
Dessert will be served.

March 10
Harriet Janel-Starrett

Current Events discussion
March 17
Nancy Kolodny
"The Future of Nuclear Energy"

Nancy Kolodny retired in 2013 after a 44-year career of teaching (Physical Chemistry), research and administration at Wellesley College where she was the winner of the Pinanski Prize for Excellence in Teaching. Based on her life-long fascination with all things nuclear she developed and taught an interdisciplinary course at Wellesley called “The Nuclear Challenge,” first as part of the Peace and Justice Studies program and then as a First Year Seminar.

She is Nellie Zukerman Cohen and Anne Cohen Heller Professor Emerita of Health Sciences and Professor Emerita of Chemistry at Wellesley.

April 14
Judith Pinnolis
"Music of the Jews in Early America"

Jews first came to America in 1654, yet few people wonder what was the music that they used for their community singing or worship? The Sephardic communities that made up Colonial America used far different Jewish music for worship and recreation than we are used to hearing as “Jewish sounds” today. This talk will explore some of the early music from the colonial period in the Americas and take us to the period when the Ashkenazi community began to have an influence. We will also explore a bit about what the other Americans were listening to in order to have a context of the times.

Judith Pinnolis is a retired librarian and scholar who worked over 20 years at Brandeis University. She serves as an Adjunct Professor of Music in the School of Jewish Music at Hebrew College and also taught at the School of Sacred Music at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in NYC. Judy is the creator and editor of the The Jewish Music WebCenter at Pinnolis has published book reviews, and scholarly articles for several works including the Basic Music Library 4th edition, and Encyclopedia Judaica (2006). Her recent article about the first female cantor Julie Rosewald was received with great acclaim in the press.

In addition to teaching and publishing, Judy was President of the Association of College and Research Libraries for New England and President of the Chapters Council of ACRL (the national academic librarian professional association). Judy’s passions are libraries, music, the environment and gardening. Judy is mother of two grown sons and now a grandmother of two.

May 5
Dena Caradimitropoulo

Dena Caradimitropoulo will speak on these three topics:
  1. Chronic Disease - Genes or Lifestyle?
  2. Secrets of the Nutrition Label
  3. What people over 50 should know about supplements
Biography: Dena Caradimitropoulo is working on her master’s degree in Nutrition Science and Policy at the Friedman School at Tufts University.  She is a licensed holistic nutrition and wellness counselor and a network marketing professional. She distributes a fruit and vegetable food product called Juice Plus+ and an aeroponic Tower Garden. 
Dena owned and operated a real estate development and construction company for six years and built and renovated 7 homes in the towns of Concord, Boxborough, Carlisle, and Sudbury. Dena graduated from HBS in 1990 and lead the manufacturing and operations for a small privately held chemical company called the Butcher Company for 8 years. Prior to attending Harvard Business School, Dena worked for the MacDonald’s Corporation building and renovating restaurants in Connecticut and NY. Dena graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1981 with a BS in Civil Engineering and served in the Army engineer branch for 6 years prior to Bosnia and Desert Storm.
May 12
Volunteer Thank-you event.

May 19
Peg Espinola
Peg Espinola started playing the guitar and singing folksongs back in the 1950’s, after an encounter at a square dance sparked a friendship with Peggy and Mike Seeger, younger half-sibs of Pete. She was inspired to write her own songs about twelve years ago while a student at an adult music camp in New Hampshire. Thinking her first, class-written song would be her last, she was surprised to find that once the door was open, more followed—51, to be exact. Most reflect her own experiences, as awkward ‘tween, wife, mother and grandmother; social worker; mid-life widow and intermittent seeker after romance; caregiver to elders; and now finally, an elder herself. She has produced three CDs, regularly plays the open-mic circuit, and has the occasional gig, including opening for Work of the Weavers at the Amazing Things Coffee House. An audience member in Florida recently told her, “You sang my life!”

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