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For Membership sign-up, click on the link just below:

Already a member? If, after logging in, you encounter the message
"There are no available memberships to select. Please check back later."
it means that you are already a member.
  • You can sign up for membership any time.
  • Membership is required for courses, and for joining our numerous activities. including the new Summer program.
  • The membership fee is non-refundable.
If you're new to LLAIC, you'll need to set up an account first. The direct link is

  Membership Fee
    $45  per semester
    $80  annual
 Waived for members of our host,
 Temple Shir Tikva

One-page Guides: To help you with membership sign-up and course registration, we provide three one-page guides that you can view or download. 
  • For the membership sign-up and course registration guide, click here
  • The online registration top-level page now has two different looks, one for mobile devices (small screen) and another for computers (wide screen). For a guide to navigating that page, click here
  • If you forget your password or if it doesn't work, you may need to set up a new one. For a guide to help you with that, click here

To download a file, click on the down-arrow to the far right (you may have to scroll over to see the arrow).

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