End-of-Course Feedback

Spring 2020 End-of-Course Feedback form
  • Please do not write your feedback until at least the next-to-last class session has been completed.
  • Please fill out one form for each course that you are now taking.
  • For your convenience, the title of the each course and its course leader is listed on the form. 
  • Be sure to click on the blue Submit button at the bottom of the form when you're done with it.
  • Scrolilng: You may have to scroll down the form or the page to see the entire list of course titles and course leaders, or the Submit button.

We thank you in advance for giving this course feedback your thoughtful attention. Representatives from the Curriculum Committee will review it, and then send all comments to the Course Leader.  Your responses are anonymous unless you choose the option of entering your name in the box near the bottom of the form. 

End-of-Course Feedback - Spring 2020

Updated May 16 2020