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Board Members

Board of Directors:  2018 - 2019 Officers and Members

    See Board Member Archive for previous Board Officers and Members

 Phyllis Pressman Cohen  President
 Richard Mansfield
 Vice President of Administration
 Joe Bongiardina  Vice President of Operations,
    Chair: Let's Go
 Barbara Mende
 Joel Shwimer
 Mary Mansfield  Chair: Curriculum Committee
 Carole Levy
 Shelly Levine
 Co-chair: Operations
 Maryann Wyner
 Chair: Membership
 Mark McNamee
 Co-chair: Curriculum Committee
 Peter Schmidt
 Webmaster, Registration

To contact a Board Officer or Member, please send an email note to LLAIC.

Board members - May 2018   (left to right)
Front row: Shelly Levine, Carole Levy, Barbara Mende, Phyllis Pressman Cohen, Joe Bongiardina
Back row: Mary Manfield, Richard Mansfield, Joel Shwimer, Mark McNamee, Peter Schmidt
Photo - Harris Traiger

Nominations to LLAIC Board of Directors  -  Elected Spring 2018

A nominating committee was named to recommend members to be elected. Additions to the Board were to be made via a slate (see below) which will be presented at the annual meeting, on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. to be voted on at that time. The Board is responsible for LLAIC governance and actively manages Board and committee activities.

Slate of nominations to the Board, with brief biographies:

Mark McNamee

I joined LLAIC in 2016 after moving to Massachusetts following my retirement from 40 years as a professor and administrator in higher education.  I have taken at least one course every semester, co-taught a course led by my wife Carole, and I am currently teaching a 10-week course called “It’s Your Brain: An Introduction to Neuroscience”.   Carole and I have enjoyed a number of the “Let’s Go” programs.

I currently serve on the LLAIC Curriculum Committee and I am committed to the continued growth of the curriculum, both in terms of subject matter breadth and increased member participation.   Lifelong learning has many positive dimensions, all of which contribute to good prospects for a long and healthy life.  Carole and I played a leading role in getting a lifelong learning program established in Blacksburg, Virginia with cooperation from Virginia Tech.   We moved just as the program was officially launched, but we have heard great reports about its success.

I was born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts.   I received a B.S. at MIT, a Ph.D. at Stanford, and did postdoctoral work at Columbia University.  I spent 26 years at UC Davis and 14 years at Virginia Tech.

Peter Schmidt

One of the founders and original Board member of LLAIC.  Developed and continuing to maintain our LLAIC website with information for members and as a window to the outside world. Became a go-to resource for our ProClass online registration system and database. Responsible for implementing the online evaluation form. Have led or co-led a number of courses at LLAIC, with subjects ranging from science and technology to short stories (Böll) and presently Foreign Films of the 50s and 60s. Over the years, have presented four lunchtime talks (including Robotics and A.I.).  Asked to return to the Board by the 2018 nominating committee after a one-year hiatus.

Joel Shwimer

I attended MIT receiving an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and two graduate degrees in Management Science.  I then lived in Paris for 20 months while my wife, Elaine, did research.  During this time I worked for a nationalized French oil and gas company.  Upon returning to the USA, I spent the rest of my career, both working for companies and as an independent consultant, designing and supporting various accounting and decision-support systems for financial institutions ranging from local savings banks to the World Bank, the Ford Foundation and many of the banks you read about in the newspaper. 

I have attended classes, typically two, during each and every term that LLAIC has existed.  I have been a class assistant.  During the past year I have “shadowed” the current LLAIC Treasurer (to learn the job) and assisted in a vendor selection.

Over the past 30 plus years, I have held financially related offices including VP Finance, Treasurer, Chair of the Investment Committee, tax preparation and electronic filing volunteer, etc. for a number of charitable organizations. 

Maryann Wyner

I have been a member of LLAIC for 7 semesters, and it has been a joyous and rewarding experience. During this time, I have been a class helper, directed and acted for the Lilac Players, taught a class and served as a member and acting chair of the Membership Committee.

As an educator I have taught high school English and History, worked as an assistant director for 33 plays and held the administrative position of Eleventh Grade Dean. I loved working with high school students, but I am thoroughly enjoying my new life as a busy and engaged lifelong learner!

Board members typically serve on one or more committees. Currently, heads of the Curriculum, Operations, Membership and Let’s Go standing committees are Board members. There are other ad hoc committees and task forces which require Board involvement or oversight, such as the periodic customer service survey task force and the ongoing luncheon program task force.

Nominations have been closed since the April 15 deadline. Members had been invited to identify potential candidates, including themselves, who were deemed appropriate for Board participation and involvement. We sought candidates who have shown an interest in being active in LLAIC governance and management. We are particularly in need of people with experience in marketing to a retired audience and outreach.

Qualifications to be a nominee:
  • Must have been a member for at least two of the last three semesters.
  • Must have participated actively on a committee or in another volunteer capacity in a formal or informal leadership position.
  • Must be willing to attend Board meetings on a regular basis (scheduled monthly year-round, and added as situations arise) and fulfill volunteer functions as required.
  • Must have demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • Must have at minimum a working knowledge of computers including attaching documents.
Since LLAIC is an all-volunteer, collaborative organization, it is essential that all Board members be prepared to assist with any situation or responsibility as it arises. Members were asked to put a name into consideration, before the deadline for nominations, by contacting one of the five members of the nominating committee:

Richard Mansfield, Chair,
Joe Bongiardina, Member,
Phyllis Pressman Cohen, Member
Ruth Natanson, Member,
Lois Silver, Member,

Updated Oct. 25, 2018