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Membership Committee

Mission Statement for Membership Committee

The purpose of this committee is to make the LLAIC member experience a positive one by promoting friendship and camaraderie.  It hosts social events at which members can meet and get to know other members.  It also gauges and promotes member satisfaction.  Some specific activities:
  • Conduct open houses for potential new members
  • Host welcome sessions at the beginning of the semester
  • Welcome new and returning members on the first days of class; issuing name tags and tent cards
  • Support course leaders by preparing class folders
  • Obtain and respond to member feedback through Membership Customer Surveys and Feed Back sessions

As you can see, there is a lot to do, and of course the committee is always looking for new ideas and new ways to keep our membership happy. 


Maryann Winer, chair
Joe Borgiardina
Joan Chasan
Rochelle Gordon
Jane Kamer
Lee Leffingwell
Shelly Levine
Janie Lewis
Steve Lewis

Updated Sept. 28, 2017