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Operations Committee

Mission of Operations Committee:

The mission of the operations committee is to manage and coordinate processes that cross committee lines. The committee oversees the overall operations of the group to insure that various activities are coordinated.  The committee is responsible for directly managing processes around classroom support and logistics, including:
    •  Coordinate dates and calendars
    •  Registration including ProClass
    •  Site management, including classroom set up and management
    • Audio-visual support
    •  Staffing, hiring
    •  Parking
    •  Website administration


Shelly Levine, co-chair
Joe Bongiardina, co-chair
Jerry Cathey
Phyllis Cohen
Margot Holtzman
Carole Levy
Mary Mansfield
Richard Mansfield
Barbara Mende
Peter Schmidt
Mike Segal
Joel Shwimer
Lois Silver
Maryann Wyner

ProClass Team:

Jerry Cathey
Margot Holtzman
Peter Schmidt

Website:  Develop and maintain a website that is welcoming, informative, vibrant and up-to-date

Peter Schmidt, webmaster
Margot Holtzman

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Updated Feb. 13, 2019