LUNCH@LLAIC - Fall 2018

Fall 2018: 
To enhance the LLAIC learning experience, a number of presentations by stimulating speakers, and lively current events discussions, will take place on during lunchtime
at our host site, Temple Shir Tikva (TST), 141 Boston Post Road, Wayland, MA 01778 (Route 20).  These will be given at 1:10 - 2:10 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

There may also be occasional special Monday and Friday morning programs as well. 

Your unique ideas are always eagerly solicited and welcomed.

Presentation days and times:  to view the dates and speakers, see below
(when available).
Click on the day/time just below to go to information for presentations on each of the three days. If not shown here then you'll find it in the Quill for that week.

Tuesdays, 1:10 - 2:10   Speaker Series

Wednesdays, 1:10 - 1:55  Current Events discussions led by Harriet Starrett

Thursdays, 1:10 - 2:10   Speaker Series

For information, contact Lunch@LLAIC

Tuesdays, 1:10 - 2:10

Sept. 25
Start of Classes: Welcome Program
Oct. 2
Karen Zweig "The Upside of Downsizing"

Are you feeling weighed down by a lot of possessions?  You’re not alone!  Whether you are contemplating a move, or just wishing to simplify your surroundings, this engaging, interactive program will provide tips and resources to help you get started. Learn how to get rid of stuff, preserve memories, and even make money in the process. You’ll leave feeling energized and well-equipped to move forward.

Karen Zweig founded The Move Maven 10 years ago, bringing with her a wide range of skills from her prior work, primarily as a program manager in the nonprofit and public sectors. She and her staff have helped hundreds of clients through the often complex and emotionally challenging process of downsizing and moving.

Oct. 9
Bill Brisk
"Time Management for Retirement. No Kidding!"

Why Time Management techniques are vital to people when they retire and how traditional ones can be adopted for use by people who no longer work.  I will distribute two forms that attendees may use to plan their days and weeks efficiently, to do the things they want to do.

Bill Brisk graduated from Brown, NYU Law School, and obtained a PhD in Latin American politics from Johns Hopkis School of Advanced International Studies.  He worked in Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Venezuela, taught in Ecuador and the Caribbean, as well as at the University of New Mexico, analyzed social and economic programs for the Inter-American Foundation in Washington, administered a program at Harvard, and then began a law career which focuses on elder law on which he has written a treatise used by attorneys.  He’s been named a SuperLawyer every year since the program came to Massachusetts in 2002.

Oct. 16
Helene Weitzenkorn Franklin Park Zoo: Then & Now

Changing Mission, Focus and Initiatives

Zoos have evolved significantly over the years.  Many, including Franklin Park Zoo / Zoo New England are now institutions for conservation, education, research and species survival for animals in their care – often resulting in increased survival in the wild.  Animals can be seen in exhibits that mimic their native habitats where they get physical and mental enrichment, in addition to top-notch medical care.  Visitors to the Franklin Park Zoo, only see a tip of the iceberg.  Come learn about the evolution of zoos and what goes on behind the scenes to care for the animals. 

Helene Weitzenkorn is an Education Volunteer at the Franklin Park Zoo.  Here she enjoys providing information to visitors about many of the animals, plus the conservation and species survival initiatives of the zoo.   She has taught this course to both zoo volunteers and to adults in the community.  While currently retired, professionally Helene worked as a software instructor, commodity manager and contracts negotiator.

Oct. 23
Carole Levy
We will view to a TED talk entitled "Can a Divided America Heal", given by Jonathan Haidt in November 2016. Jonathan Haidt is a social psychologist who studies how...and why...we evolved to be moral and political creatures,  He has several TED talks; this one concentrates on how the US might recover after the negative, and partisan presidential election of 2016. In conversation with TED Curator Chris Anderson, he describes the patterns of thinking and historical causes that have led to such sharp divisions in America -- and provides a vision for how the country might move forward. Following the video we will discuss his theories and his ideas to help us heal.

Carole has been a member of LLAIC since its founding and has been active in the community leading courses on literature and history, serving on the curriculum committee and now a Board member. Her past professional experience includes many years of teaching high school English, both in the Boston and in Israel where she lived for thirteen years.

[Canceled pesentation: Eileen Schwartz: How Conservatives/Liberals see news]

Oct. 30
Mitch Fischman
“Boston Architecture - Boom or Bust”

Mitch Fischman will discuss how urban planning and architecture have impacted modern Boston. Some topics will include the answers to these questions. Which designs have worked or failed? Why Boston banks refused to fund Faneuil Hall Marketplace? Which architect designed a famous downtown building on a napkin? Which famous downtown neighborhood avoided urban renewal demolition? What was the influence of Boston’s mayor on new buildings?

Mitch Fischman, an urban planner, was a Deputy Director for the Boston Redevelopment Authority for 15 years, and oversaw development and planning for the Back Bay, Longwood Medical Area and several Boston neighborhoods.  He holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, and Northeastern University, and has taught at the Boston Architectural College, Northeastern University and Wentworth Institute. He is currently a real estate permitting consultant for Boston developers.  He was a study group leader on this topic at LLAIC last year.

Nov. 6
Korean Spirit and Culture King Sejong the Great - The Everlasting Light of Korea

The Korean Cultural group's presentation was so enjoyable and informative we have invited them back for a return visit. One of the documentaries that they will present focuses on King Sejong the Great, a truly enlightened monarch from the 15thcentury Korea.  His motto was, “The duty of a king is to love his people. That is all.”  With this belief, King Sejong initiated numerous cultural achievements and scientific inventions to improve the welfare of his people.
To spread the benefits of such accomplishments, he enhanced the movable metal type printing technology (originally invented in Korea 200 years before Gutenberg in Europe) and printed large runs of books.  His most important contribution was the invention of the Korean Alphabet Hangeul, which he created to eradicate the illiteracy in the country.

After the presentation, they will serve some delicious Korean snacks while dressed in authentic Korean clothing.

Nov. 13
Katherine Power
"From Guerrilla to Grandmother: A Journey toward Practical Peace."

Katherine Power did not set out to be a terrorist. As a student activist, she moved from protesting the war in Vietnam to waging guerilla war to overthrow the government. A bank robbery undertaken to finance this “revolution” resulted in the murder of Boston police officer Walter Schroeder. After fleeing and living as a fugitive for 23 years, she surrendered to authorities in 1993, pled guilty to armed robbery and manslaughter, and served six years in prison.

She uses her very public inner journey from the politics of rage toward an ever deepening surrender to explore personal responsibility, the intersection of personal life with history, and how practicing peace in the moment can make peace in the world.

Nov. 27
Rabbi Bob Orkand
Will There Ever be Peace Between Israel and Palestine?

Dec. 3
Genna and Jesse
Music presentation

Wednesdays, 1:10 - 1:55

Sept. 26
Start of Classes: Welcome Program
 Other  Harriet Starrett
Current Events discussions

Thursdays, 1:10 - 2:10

Sept. 27
Start of Classes: Welcome Program

Nov. 1
Dick Pearson
"The Birth of the US Constitution"

 Nov. 15
 Ruth Baden
Ruth Baden, LLAIC’s Poet Laureate and course leader, will conduct a Poetry Slam. 

The LLAIC version of a poetry slam is one in which members are invited to read a poem or two that they have written – or in our case, one by another author that they love and whose work they wish to share.  What makes it special for LLAIC is that we will not have a judging.  You judge when you decide what to read or bring to the group. 

Ruth will start us off by reading one or two of her own.  Then members attending will be invited to come up and read.  Rules are simple:
  1. Up to two poems
  2. Maximum two pages each
Ruth will be reading from her book of poems, East of the Moon, plus some poems slated to be published in her next book on women and aging. She will have copies of her book for autographing and signing. She writes, and will read about love, death, and living; about growing up and growing old.  If we are lucky we will hear her Pavanne for a Dead Potato Latke. She has taught several poetry courses for LLAIC, featuring William Yeats, Pablo Neruda, Wanda Symborska, and Stanly Kunitz among others.  This will be Ruth’s 5th LLAIC Lunch talk and third Poetry Slam..

She has been playing with words all her life, beginning with her first short story, “The Tale of the Lost Lollipop” when she was six. It was a very short story – one and a half pages. At 17 she won a national essay contest on the subject My Best Teacher,” sponsored by a radio program called “The Quiz Kids.”

She continued writing and publishing until she entered law school at 50.  At 70 Ruth kept her promise to herself to retire to just write poetry. Her first book, “East of the Moon,” had a long gestation. It was published by Ibbetson Street Press in 2010. The book won an award from the Massachusetts Center for the Book as a “Must Read” poetry book of the year. She is working on a new collection of poems about women and facing the issues of being eighty.

Dec. 6
LILAC Players
The LILAC Players will perform the first act of A.J. Gurney's The Dining Room during our LUNCH@LLAIC period. Come prepared to laugh a lot!

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